Embrace the rainy day photoshoot!

Ah Hong Kong weather. Either too hot, too humid, or torrential downpour, what can you do? The winter months are very busy for me as many families prefer the cooler weather for comfortable outdoor photo sessions before the rainy Spring season starts. But there are a number of reasons why you shouldn't fear a rain day. Here are the reasons why I still try to get out and shoot whatever the weather:

The light can be absolutely perfect!: In an indoor setting with big windows, or an outdoor covered setting, the rain creates a luminescent background glow that is really magical, as in this family photo session where we ventured out on the Star Ferry in Red Rain. It means that you might not get much background detail (of Victoria Harbour for example) but the soft quality of the light reminds me a little of being in the studio and creates a lovely set up for portraits.

Beat the crowds: Not only did we have this amazing light, but we were also lucky enough to have most locations completely to ourselves. In this busy city it's a pretty rare occurrence to be alone, well, anywhere! This means we are less limited in where we can go and who or what might be in the background. It also lends to a pretty unique family outing.

Don't forget to play: When life sends you an unexpected downpour, sometimes you just have to roll with it. No point in being grumpy with the weather so we might as well splash in some puddles and let our hair down. I can promise you the kids will love it and it will make for some very memorable images. Huddle under an umbrella, deck yourselves out in full rain gear, or even better, dance in the rain :)