Saying "See you Later" - Relocation photos and leaving your home away from home

Every summer in Hong Kong is a little bittersweet for me because it's often a time of "good-byes" as families decide to move back home or relocate to another country. This has especially been increasing over the past year and I have been receiving more and more requests to create keepsake photographs as a reminder of living in this very special city. Although you can never go wrong with the iconic shots of the star ferry, trams, busy city streets and buildings, I often suggest starting out in your own neighbourhood. It's a great way to get kids to explore and notice a little bit more about the area they have been living in, and is also a nice experience to connect with specific places, people and landmarks as a way to say farewell. It never fails to surprise me how many interesting things we can find on our explorations: colonial era postboxes, a favourite juice stall, neighbourhood shop cats and always the beautiful tropical plants that we can find everywhere. So if your summer is coming up this year, have a think about your neighbourhood as a backdrop for memorable family photos, and maybe discover or rediscover your favourite parts of it!