portrait & branding

a woman sits in the bushes on a hillside looking off into the distance

use visual storytelling to share the ethos behind your brand

Creating images that reflect your authentic brand doesn't need to be difficult. In my portrait & branding packages I like to spend some time getting to know a bit more about you and your business before our photo session. We explore what vibe, concepts and colour palette you envision on a new website or rebrand, and together create photos that bring your brand to life.

a tall handwoven basket sits on a rocky surface
the process of creating a handwoven basket
weaving natural fibres by hand
a woman weaves natural fibres by hand and looks into the distance
a woman's hands weaving a basket
a woman wearing a hat laughs while weaving
a woman's hands weaving natural fibres into a basket
a woman in a brown hat looks off towards the ocean
a woman laughs while holding natural grass fibres
a woman wearing a hat holds a basket and looks out at the sea
a woman wearing a hat holds a basket at the seaside
a woman wearing a hat walks along the rocky shore holding a basket
a woman's hands holding a handmade basket
a woman curls a large palm leaf frond around her
a woman's face is seen through palm leaf fronds