To return to the earth

So grateful for the opportunity to work with Jasmine on images that represent the essence of Kembali. Making fire, song circles, wildcraft, swimming and some good old fashioned rolling around in the mud! When working with small businesses to create a mixture of portrait & lifestyle images that represent their brand and values, I really need to take pause and just listen. With Jasmine this message is loud and clear. I too feel the pull to connect back to the earth, especially living in Hong Kong where it feels like sometimes I can so easily lose sight of my relationship to nature. There is something so satisfying about playing with sticks and mud, and going back to the most basic art medium there is - clay! Molding, shaping, smoothing over your skin and watching it crackle. Applying layer upon layer of this wonderful, natural form of sun protection (face mask anyone?). Reminds me what it's like to experience the world as a child and that the best play things for my daughter are free.