Hi, I'm Kim Campbell-Sullivan.

I am a Chinese-Canadian photographer and artist living and working in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, with my husband, two little kids and our rescue dog. I've been working on my craft for the last 15 years and there are a few things I have learned about myself and my style along the way. First and foremost, as a portrait photographer, I value people. I am searching for meaningful connections, authentic moments, our real selves on the other side of the lens. I try to do this through building trust and honest connection; using technique and editing to enhance a photo but not alter it. I love to celebrate freckles, big laughs, awkward moments, diversity and bodies of all shapes and sizes. We are all unique and beautiful just the way we are.

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“"Hands down the best photographer I have EVER worked with, not just in Hong Kong, but I speak for my experience in New York, and San Francisco as well. Kim is attentive to the smallest of details and managed to capture the subtle nuances of all our family members. She is easy going, efficient, and her work went above and beyond my expectations. I can't praise her enough, and am so thankful that we will have these cherished memories to bring with us as we leave Hong Kong.”

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